Andrés D. Abreu

Issues of States, recent series of digital photographs taken by the artist from Nadal Antelmo Vizcaíno Nadalito (Nadalito) was selected by the Open Space gallery of the magazine Revolution and Culture to start the year 2008 and incidentally celebrate with this exhibition the conference by the Ibero-American Day of Photography.

Twelve digitally manipulated and printed snapshots make up this selection of visual works that start from the conjugation of intense concerns around the moods and elementary reflections that continually beset the individual and social existence of the human being; eternal and universal perturbations expressed by Nadalito from a group of objects found after the photographic survey of the common environment, images capable of visualizing these meditative obsessions about the I and the World from a contemporary perspective.

In the apparent calm of the creative solitude and without going beyond the frames of the most daily living space, the artist was fusing texts and concepts, combination of graphics and symbols of a universality that denote categorical conflicts that are neither indifferent nor distant to any being or nation. in any latitude of the planet. Essential and connoted reasons expressed through a clear and clear play between the obvious and naive of its appearance and the contradictory ways in which the individual and the societies usually involved in an excessive and violent desire for struggle and power obviate and pervert them unleashing chaos.

This essay of a digitally reconstructed semantics manages to be erected as a kind of minimalist infographic manifesto that carries behind its hedonistic appearance of the real an artist consciousness sharply disturbed in its locality by that globalized crisis that destabilizes the coexistence of all the states that can be seen subordinated the human being, from the most intimate and individual to the most socialized and general, threatened without exclusion by aggression, domination, fear, abandonment and selfishness.

Its author, besides channeling with this series a group of ethical human concerns, opens the formal and experimental diapason of his visual work moving recognized resources of his aesthetic and empirical on many more classical and glamorous grounds in the treatment of the image in evident response to its constant absorption and confrontation with other contexts and artistic and socio-cultural influences, such as its passage through Europe and especially the International Photography Fair of Arles (France).

Issues of States is also due to that internal and personal battle fought every day by Nadalito between his status as photographer and artist, between his ability to maneuver with new media and his sensitive need to say and question.

Project : Issues of State. Memory, 2008 / Photography
Project : Issues of State
2008 to 2013