Syllabism. Todos somos iguales

Cover photo syllabism* / 100 x 150 cm each one

* Negative photo 35 mm manipulated and this result printed on photographic paper.

This technique Cover photo Syllabism was created by the artist Nadal Antelmo in the year 2003, it is to portray images created thinking of a selected word, divide the word (usually syllables) typing handwritten and cover the syllables with images with fine textures. All this work manually by the author on a color film 35 mm in the end will play in photographic image.

Limited edition  -   Certificate of authenticity.


In the pieces that make up the project the word creates an organic relationship with the iconographic representation proposed by the artist. The text, conceived in the analog genesis of the creative process of these photographs, fractionated works in specific moments which, being perceived then as a whole, become visual meaning of the word in question. Each series of composing the project discursan on a particular topic, structuring turn in the same creative line.

Syllabism. Todos somos iguales, 2003 / Cover photo syllabism* / 100 x 150 cm each one